Every brand deserves recognition. Choosing the correct form of advertising, in the perfect location, can be a challenge! Digi-Art offers key Exclusive Digital and Static Sites at Airports, Malls and Roads across South Africa, U.A.E., India and the United Kingdom. We offer online Statistics available 24/7 allowing Our clients to view live Webcam feeds and monitor live statistics via Eye Ball counters and Foot counters directly from their mobile device.


The saying goes, “The Sky is the limit”, well we at Digi-Art dont agree… We aim for beyond and we firmly believe that there is no limit to how big a brand can grow.

Your brand deserves attention. And Attention is always in the detail. By deploying our special blend of Strategies, Digi-Art has proven to be a key player in the Marketing Arena. We dont just treat your brand as another one of our customers, we treat it as if it is our own. We take Planning, Strategy and Implementation very seriously. We are confident… and we have proven, that we can take any brand to unimaginable heights.

Activations & Promotions

Add some Zest!!! With so many Activations and Promotions companies around, it really is difficult to choose a company to represent your brand that provides you with real results…Your brand deserves the best … in-door or outdoor, we provide everything from in-house branded clothing and hand-outs to gazebos and media walls , we provide a one-stop activations solution. With various packages available or custom tailored ones, we will strive to insure that your event is as unique as your brand. With all sites standard with advanced technology such as eye-ball count, interaction count , foot count and live video streaming , we can provide you with constant live updates on your activation/s… a first in the Promotions and Activations sector… another reason why you should GO Digi-Art and GO BIG.


In Early days, signage used to be done completely by hand, “Sign Writting” as it was called was undertaken by skilled individuals with attention to detail. The World has come a long way since then, we are now in an age of Digitally Printed Signage. In every City or Town there are companies who offer Digitally Printed Signage, it has now become a matter of not just what skill a person has, but rather a mater of what machines a company has, what quality can the company print, what quantity can the company deliver and pricing. Digi-Art being the preferred supplier for some of the world largest brands and companies,stands as testament that we are an obvious choice when choosing a reliable Signage Supplier. From Design to Installation, all jobs are expertly managed and our clients have regular status reports sent to them, just as assurance that their job is in good hands and running smoothly. We offer the highest quality Dye-sub printing, Digital vinyl/Pvc Printing, UV Printing, and Sublimation printing in the industry. So allow Digi-Art to take on your next Project, and rest assured that your job is in good hands.

Application & Rigging

Making up a Sign is one thing, however installing this sign at heights is the real challenge… That’s were Digi-Art steps in. With the resources of specialist rope access teams, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, cranes and skilled vinyl applicators and riggers, we offer the services of a successful and established signage application and rigging division. Doesn’t matter if its billboards, campaigns/roll-outs, fleet branding, rope access, lightboxes or large jobs that demands a lot of specialist manpower… we can honestly say that “No Job is too Big” for Digi-Art…this is something that all our Clients from an impressive list of other signage companies we currently Install for, will surely agree to. Our professional project management and strict quality control, along with the resources of an army of skilled and trained applicators and riggers, has us dealing everyday with some off the countries largest signage companies and brands. With safety files at most major locations through out South Africa, we can make your next installation a burden free one.


Digi-Art has always proven to excel in what we do, We pride ourselves by holding one of the most impressive portfolios around. So we decided to break into the Digital era, We aligned ourselves to one day dominate Sales and leasing in the Led Digital market. Led panels comprising of P1.2, P2.2, P2.9, P3.9 and P4.9 are manufactured to our own patented specifications that allow the most vibrant of colours being driven by the best of components. But it doesn’t end there, 3D holographic Fans, virtual Displays, Augmented reality, and synchronized led animation all form part of our Catalogue. We are also the ONLY company to offer up to 10 years, replacement, no questions asked, guarantees on our Led Panels, that’s how confident we are in all of our products.

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